By maintaining high quality standards and continuously upgrading our documentation software to be one step ahead of growing needs of classical Industry segment and Legal Industry markets, DocFactory A/S managed to establish strong long-term relationships with our clients. Our DMS products are used by the most successful companies in their industries.

Danfoss Drives

DocCenter® was employed by Danfoss to optimize creation of documentation at Danfoss Drives. The system has proven itself as a flexible and scalable tool, which enables participation in the process of document creation by an unlimited number of users, thus greatly reducing production time.


Widex A/S

Widex is one of the world’s most recognized manufacturers of hearing aid technology and stands, among other things, behind innovative solutions that have led to - as example - the world’s first 100 percent digital in-ear hearing aid and revolutionary wireless technology.




The industry is experiencing increasingly greater complexity in terms of technical documentation. Industrial business like DEIF has therefore chosen a DocCenter PRO® solution.The idea behind the system is to optimize all processes related to the production of technical documentation and to integrate relevant functions and external systems into a single solution.




EXHAUSTO A/S was in the beginning looking for some good value-adding arguments which could be used for investing in a DocCenter PRO® solution from DocFactory A/S. They started out with an intensive Business Assessment Analysis which in depth analyzed their old process in all detail – giving some very good arguments about what to achieve after an implementation of a documentation software system.