Lett Law Firm

The company LETT is among the leading full-service law firms and recognized for their innovation. They want to put new standards, challenge habits and focuses on investments, while IT can support their highly specialized staff.

For LETT, it means that legal software solutions must meet and streamline internal workflows, but also like to contribute with innovative and groundbreaking functionality.

There must be smarter way ..

“We want to provide a high service, which includes great professionalism and outstanding quality. Thus we have seen necessity in order to optimization and quality assurance in the preparation of our matter documents and preferably in an innovative and smart way,” says Partner Rasmus Nørgaard Bek.

Partner Rasmus Nørgaard Bek adds, “Overall, there was desire to reduce the manual processes, ensure a more flexible matter management and a greater consistency in our matter documents “.

These wishes are being satisfied with the AdvoDoc® system, developed by DocFactory, for just that reduce the time spent on each matter within legal profession.

AdvoDoc® solution

AdvoDoc® is a specially developed “Paradigm-engine” that gives a highly efficient production of matter documents – based on intelligent paradigms. Using the built-in and user-friendly features every kind of paradigms can be done intelligent. Hereafter the production of matter documents is being possible by the use of a Wizzard, which in a simple way guides the user through some elections, which must be made to have the content adapted to the specific case.

The Wizzard also ensures an improved quality and uniformity in individual case documents.

Benefits of smart legal software

The AdvoDoc® system provides with some immediate benefits:

  • Elimination of the significant routine tasks
  • Reduction of time spent for the preparation of each case documents
  • Provides opportunity to show which case documents is generated from the intelligent paradigm
  • Minimizing the number of paradigms
  • Improved quality and uniformity in management paradigm

The system is based on the latest technology in knowledge-sharing (Microsoft Sharepoint) – fully integrated with Microsoft Word and seen simply as an extra tab and is therefore easily to understand and quickly to use.

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The Conclusion

With investment in the new AdvoDoc® system has been LETT fulfilled the wishes for a more effective case management.

“The AdvoDoc® system has given us opportunity to work more effectively in everyday life and to become AdvoDoc® optimizes the processes at LETT even better to exploit the extensive knowledge of our business to benefit our clients. It is an investment in the future” Partner Rasmus Nørgaard Bek concludes.

Facts about LETT

The Company LETT are one of the largest full-service law firms in Denmark. They provide advices to the private business sector, the public sector, organizations and private individuals. The history dates back to 1869 making the company one of the oldest law firms in Denmark. Today the staff counts more than 380 across the offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Kolding.