DocCenter PRO® configures wiring diagrams for EXHAUSTO A/S

Wiring diagrams produced in a completely new and automated way:

DocCenter PRO® can be used for much more than instructions and manuals. Possibilities with the intelligent software in DocCenter PRO® are numerous, and for EXHAUSTO means that the DocCenter PRO® system today configures their electrical wiring diagrams for the company, 100 percent automatic.

EXHAUSTO has production island of Funen and sales companies in the Scandinavian countries and the UK and Germany, providing comfort solutions in ventilation industry.

EXHAUSTO’s new VEX 4000 product can be calculated and configured via EXHAUSTO’s EXselectPRO program. The result of the configuration is being used directly as input to the dynamic composition of the finished wiring diagrams, and as a result the DocCenter PRO® system delivers the finished final assembly of the specified wiring diagrams .

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