AdvoDoc® is a specialized and very easy-to-use system, build into MS Word and created especially towards the needs of legal industry. Better known as a kind of “Paradigme engine” it enables Lawyers to create their client’s matter documents in an easy and secure way based on intelligent paradigms.

The system includes a number of functions that greatly reduce the time involved when creating the variant matter documents.

The “paradigm-engine”

AdvoDoc® enables you to define the intelligence in your paradigms by the use of built-in functions. The rules that you define connect a number of fields and questions with the different sections of text in the paradigms. Based on the predefined rules in the paradigm the system then inserts the appropriate section of text into the final matter document. Meanwhile, field questions, descriptions, etc. are being automatically addressed.

The result is a faster process with potential less failures = higher quality in your matter documents.

“This means that when want to create a matter document to a client, the intelligent questionnaire pops up within a wizard alike checkbox options. From the answers you choose, the system retrieves the right section of text, description fields, etc. from the original paradigm and creates the individual matter document – with more or less automation. The more intelligence you define in the original paradigm, the more you can optimize each finished matter document”says Jacob Abildgaard, partner at DocFactory A/S.

It is of course still possible to adjust the final content in your matter document – just add the lines which are necessary.

In this way AdvoDoc®eliminates a lot of fiddling which is today being made in the matter documents anddone manually. The energy can instead be used to update and refine the original paradigms, which could be seen as the “golden egg” in most law firms.

Facts about AdvoDoc®

  • Build in functionality to define and create paradigms with intelligence
  • Efficient production of each matter document
  • Ensuring greater consistency and better quality in individual documents
  • All functions build into standard Microsoft Word product
  • Possibility to overview and maintain relationships for each paradigm to all matter documents created on this basis