Danfoss Drives

DocCenter® was employed by Danfoss to optimize creation of documentation at Danfoss Drives. The system has proven itself as a flexible and scalable tool, which enables participation in the prodcess of document creation by an unlimited number of users, thus greatly reducing production time.

Document Creation Costs Cut By More Than 50%

In a large company like Danfoss it is important to simlify the workflow between divisions. Product documentation is created by many people, not counting proofreaders and translators. Implementation of DocCenter® has helped remove bottlenecks in the area of product documentation, reducing time on coordination and completely removing situations when the same task is done twice by different people.

Other important benefits:

  • Content is accessible to all the contributirs from a single location
  • General parts of content (Introductions, Company information, Technical requirements, etc.) are easily reused in different documents
  • Translation takes 30% less thanks to process optimization in part of cooperation, approval and reviews
  • Proofreading is performed electronically with “on the fly” implementation of corrections, that is up to 40% faster
  • “One-button” publishing for print and web allows to easily share content
  • DTP work is reduced by up to 95% with the automated layout engine that eaily arranges beautiful mockups

Safer documentation

As our description goes, “All project participants can access the system and work simultaneously with the same elements”. Processes and divisions of responsibilities are made clear, saving time and providing a sense of security. The system defines participants as “administrator”, “contributor”, “editor”, “translator”, or “reviewer” – now every employee can do his part of document creation without security risks.

The Conclusion

DocCenter® is the best solution for solving effectively the challenges of technical documentation, organizing and optimizing the overall process to reduce time and costs associated with document creation. It is an enterprise-level DMS that enables organizations to produce documentation safer, easier and faster.

Company facts

Danfoss is privately held global company that employs approximately 24 000 people worldwide. It’s production is performed in 79 factories in 22 countries. Its products are sold through 110 sales companies and more than 400 agents and distributors all over the world.