The Need For A State-Of-Art Documentation Software

The industry is experiencing increasingly greater complexity in terms of technical documentation. Industrial business like DEIF has therefore chosen a DocCenter PRO® solution.

The idea behind the system is to optimize all processes related to the production of technical documentation and to integrate relevant functions and external systems into a single solution. This idea seems very attractive to technical leaders of industrial companies.

Team leader Claus Rasmussen from DEIF A/S has had a central role in the selection of the DocCenter PRO® solution from DocFactory A/S:

“By choosing a component-based and LEAN-optimized solution, we can now streamline processes significantly compared to earlier. In the future it becomes possible to handle the production, updating and publishing directly from the easy-to-use DocCenter PRO®solution,”says Claus Rasmussen.

Being a 100% web based (SaaS) solution DocCenter PRO® gives his colleagues the possibility to get an easy access and the installation is kept updated and secure to use.

The specific and implemented DEIF solution has been integrated with their enterprise CMS system as well as online translation tools from LanguageWire.

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Power in Control

DEIF is a global supplier of green, safe and reliable control solutions for decentralized power production, marine/offshore and wind turbines.

Since 1933, we have been devoted to helping our customers gain a competitive edge. To do that, we always deliver state-of-the-art solutions based on superior product quality and flexible functionality combined with outstanding service and commitment.

Headquartered in Denmark, the company today counts more than 400 employees and eight subsidiaries located in Europe, Asia and the Americas