First BAA, Then Software Selection

EXHAUSTO A/S  was in the beginning looking for some good value-adding arguments which could be used for investing in a DocCenter PRO® solution from DocFactory A/S. They started out with an intensive Business Assessment Analysis which in depth analyzed their old process in all detail – giving some very good arguments about what to achieve after an implementation of a DocCenter PRO® document management system.

Resource-saving and easily accessible documentation tool for EXHAUSTO

“After the Business Assessment Analysis of the previous manufacturing process, it became clear that there was potential for optimization and the results are clear; users have been welcomed by the solution because it is timesaving, efficient and easy to navigate,”says Rikke Jul Andresen.

The company previously used two different dicument management systems to handle the job. Today they produce all technical documentation for all product variants and in all languages through the DocCenter PRO® solution.

Documentation creation became easier and safer

All project participants can access the system and work simultaneously with the same elements. Processes and divisions of responsibilities are made clear, saving time and providing a sense of security. The system defines participants as “Administrator”, “Contributor”, “Editor”, “Translator”, or “Reviewer”, meaning that EXHAUSTO can allow access to the system without security risks.

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Ventilation by EXHAUSTO

EXHAUSTO’s product range is developed to achieve optimum energy efficiency and to be of very high quality. All products and systems are well documented and can be selected by a simple computer program.  EXHAUSTO’s product range comprises:

  • Roof, wall and box ventilation fans
  • Air-handling units with heat recovery
  • Cooling units
  • Kitchen hoods and dampers
  • Automatic controls

EXHAUSTO ventilation systems are primarily used for comfort ventilation and create the perfect indoor air quality in houses, offices, schools, nurseries, restaurants, shops and production facilities.